Yan Jiacheng

他曾入选2023 英国皇家摄影协会纪实摄影奖、2023亚洲变革摄影比赛。多次入围各类国际艺术节,包括第8届年西班牙CUVO国际视频影像艺术节、第19届韩国东江国际摄影节、第11届以色列PHOTO IS: RAEL国际摄影节以及2023罗马艺术周等,并作为受邀作者参与法国 第37届Riedisheim国际摄影沙龙进行分享。他的作品被KGP BOOKS和HUBLE艺术基金会选入合作出版的《OF COVID》摄影集中。他多次受到如《人物》《谷雨》《Voicer》《尼龙》等杂志媒体的报道,作品发表在《中国摄影》《新周刊》《F-STOP》《UAAD》以及《看客》等平台,并作为演讲者参加了《一席》。
除自由创作部分,他曾经受邀/约稿于各类媒体进行专题创作,包括《看客》《人间》《 Sixth Tone》《中国人的一天》以及《环球人文地理》等媒体。

Yan Jiacheng, born in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, currently lives in Guangzhou, China. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Jinan University in 2016 and has been creating since 2017 to the present.
He has been selected for the 2023 Royal Photographic Society Documentary Photography Award and the 2023 Changing Asia Photography Contest. His work has been shortlisted for the 8th CUVO International Videoart Festival, 19th Korea DongGang International Photography Festival, 11th Israel PHOTO IS:RAEL International Photography Festival, and the 2023 Rome Art Week, among many other international art festivals.  His works have been featured in the collaborative publication "OF COVID" by KGP BOOKS and HUMBLE Art Foundation, Yan Jiacheng has been covered by magazines and media outlets such as "People," "Guyu," "Voicer," and "Nylon." His work has been published on platforms like "Chinese Photography," "New Weekly," "F-Stop," "UAAD"and "Kanke," and he has also participated as a speaker in "Yixi."
Yan Jiacheng has also been commissioned for special photo projects by various media outlets, including Kanke, Renjian, Sixth Tone, A Day in A Chinese's Life, National Geographic China, among others.

In addition to photography, he is also skilled in graphic design, UI design and video production. Therefore, for commercial collaborations, he has worked with companies including Alipay, Youdao, WeChat, Kuaishou and Meituan. The collaborations are not limited to just photography, but also cover design, video production, etc. Among them, he has collaborated with Daytrip Studio (WeChat: 远野计划NOW) on several projects. If you have any collaboration needs, please check the contact information below to discuss potential partnerships.

E-mail : yjcheng4611@gmail.com
WeChat : jungers